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Maritime Law

Advisory services and legal assistance in charter party, authorization for chartering of foreign vessels and to operate as a Brazilian shipping company (EBN). Representation before the Brazilian Maritime and Port Authority nationwide and within ANTAQ. Defenses at the Admiralty Court: shipping accidents, purchase and sale of vessels, vessels registration. Arrest of vessels. Claims. Offshore navigation, cabotage and inland navigation local regulation.

Corporate and Business Law

Legal assistance and advice in company setting up, joint ventures and establishment of foreign companies in Brazil. Analysis and review of corporate contracts of diverse natures, drafting of bylaws and statutes. Due diligence, corporate restructuring and legal risk analysis.Company acquisitions.


Legal assistance in obtaining work permits and visas for foreigners in Brazil. Advisory to foreign crew of vessels and offshore oil rigs operating in Brazil. Legalization of foreign citizens in Brazil, with broad list of related service and broad specialized legal assistance in the immigration and assistance to expatriates area in Brazil inbound and outbound.

Regulatory and Administrative Law

Advisory and assistance services in the obtaining of authorization with regulatory public agencies and organisms to perform regulated business activities as port terminals and shipping companies: ANTAQ; SEP, ANP, IBAMA. Administrative litigation defense with public and regulatory agencies. Representation in administrative processes of diverse natures, including environmental issues, administrative fines in the federal, state and municipal levels. Defending the interests of the taxpayer in tax administrative process and tax foreclosures. Consultation with the Federal and State Treasury Office and other government departments at all levels.


Port and Customs Law

Assistance on the public authorization granting for the construction, expansion and exploitation of Private Port Terminal; representation and performance with ANTAQ and Special Secretariat of Ports (SEP). Customs processes with the Federal Revenue Bureau and representation in administrative litigation processes. Temporary Importation and Special Customs Regime REPETRO.

Labor Law

Specialized Maritime and Port labor legal assistance and litigation. Advice in the prevention of demands on labor courts. Legal assistance and representation at the Sindicates. Labor liabilities and contingent solution and administration. Restructuring of personnel department. Labor Litigation. 



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