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  • By Alessander Lopes Pinto The challenge now is to make it possible for the objectives set by the BR do Mar — among others, to expand the offer and improve the quality of cabotage transport, with the promotion of competition in this modal and expansion of the fleet used in cabotage navigation and encourage the […]

  • The growing trend
    Article | Publicado em 10/08/2022

    By Alessander Lopes Pinto Since the world maritime sector began to discuss, a few years ago, the plausibility of autonomous ships for the transport of goods by waterway, a disruptive transformation has shaken maritime and port activities at a global level. We are not far from the time when ships and ports can be operated […]

  • By Raquel Guedes Sabb The current Brazilian growth of the energy and oil and gas sectors has generated an exponential increase in the demand for national maritime labor. It is expected that market conditions will be created so that the necessary hiring is effectively carried out in the short and medium term, and that attention […]

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