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LP LAW | Lopes Pinto Advogados Associados has a specialized service and legal advice on labor matters, acting in a preventive way, also specializing in services to onshore and offshore companies. The daily challenge faced by companies in complying with Labor Law and Employment Law in Brazil, with all the nuances and instabilities inherent to the system, requires permanent legal action. 

The implementation of preventive measures through a customized program of corporate integrity within the scope of labor relations aims to build a culture of its own and values that presuppose corporate ethics, with the objective of detecting and correcting wrongdoings and unlawful acts within the scope of labor relations. 

The list of labor and employment law advice includes pursuit of Settlement and Mediation, judicial and extrajudicial, assistance in strategic judicial proceedings, negotiations with Unions, defenses before administrative bodies, such as the Ministry of Labor and Labor Prosecution Office, and the review of internal policies and regulations, codes of ethics and conduct for employees and employers. 

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