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About Us

LP LAW | Lopes Pinto Advogados Associados is a law firm focused on sectorial Business Law, standing out for the specialization of each of its partners and professionals in their areas of practice. With technical expertise of multidisciplinary competence, the firm offers a relationship of effective partnership and trust, providing full support in all stages and legal aspects of projects and operations developed by its clients and partners. With more than 20 years of experience, LP LAW | Lopes Pinto Advogados Associados is headquartered in Rio de Janeiro with representation in the main cities of the country, in addition to partnerships with the most renowned law firms throughout Latin America and Europe. 

LP LAW | Lopes Pinto Advogados Associados has a team of highly specialized professionals focused on business solutions to fully meet the most diverse needs of its clients. 

The permanent search for quality, through the highest standard of excellence in the provision of consultancy, advisory and legal services, makes LP LAW | Lopes Pinto Advogados Associados a law firm with exceptional and personalized service, in which each client is unique. 

Policies and Standards

LP LAW | Lopes Pinto Advogados Associados multidisciplinary performance, technical competence and dedicated service, with a customer-oriented perspective, generates an effective partnership relationship, offering security and comprehensive support to the Customer in all legal aspects involving its business and business activities. Maintaining sustainable and responsible corporate practices, the firm has transparency, ethics and respect as premises in its institutional relationships. Our Code of Conduct can be accessed by clicking below.


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